Marketer's Freedom To Promote

Build, segment, and serve more promotions in just a few clicks.

Remember all those promotions you never launched?

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Marketing Agility


Promodity is quick, intuitive, and designed to let marketers add or change multiple promotions on the fly.

Cut Through Red Tape


No more waiting weeks or months for website coding. Create inbound campaigns in just a few clicks.

Tailored Segmentation


Deliver the right message to the right client at the right time, and get more execution!



Increase conversion rates and return on investment.

Supports any inbound channel:
Campaign Management System
Campaign Management System
Tracking System
Sales Funnel Optimization
Sales Funnel Optimization
Extensive Creative Studio
Extensive Creative Studio

Who uses Promodity?

Every online business that captures leads or makes sales.

SaaS + software

Promodity enables you to

  • Respond quickly to changes
  • Send dynamic marketing messages
  • Pinpoint execution on data

We know marketing from the inside

Behind Promodity is a team with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. We developed Promodity to address problems we have experienced "in the trenches" doing online marketing.



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