Marketer’s Freedom To Promote

Build, segment, and serve more promotions in just a few clicks!

Join Promodity and boost your inbound marketing today!


Supports any inbound channel:

Supports any inbound channel

Promodity's Features

  • Our Features: no IT required!
  • Our Features: Campaign Cockpit
  • Our Features: Traffic Segmentation
  • Our Features: Lift-off with multiple promotions
  • Our Features: Increase in downloads
  • Our Features: increase in conversions
  • Our Features: Clever Tracker
  • Our Features: Creative Studio
  • Our Features: Winning Assets - Try it for FREE !!!

So WHO uses Promodity?

Every online business that collects leads or makes sales.

Promodity enables you to:



  • Respond quickly to changes.
  • Send dynamic marketing messages.
  • Pinpoint execution on data.

We know Marketing from the inside:

Behind Promodity is a team with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. We developed Promodity to address problems we have experienced "in the trenches" doing online marketing.


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